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SRM-IV BPP Diagnosis and Treatment System

SRM-IV BPPV diagnosis and treatment system.

SRM-IV BPPV diagnostic and therapeutic system, it can drive the posture fixed chair to rotate in three dimensions, so that three groups of semicircular canals in different planes are stimulated to the maximum, and all movement movements can be digitally controlled.

(I) SRM-IV BPPV Diagnosis and Treatment System

The rotating disc (main shaft) and bow arm (secondary shaft) of this system rotate along two mutually perpendicular and independently controlled rotating shafts. When the two shafts rotate according to preset parameters such as speed, acceleration, and rotation angle, It can drive the patient on the posture fixed chair to perform three-dimensional rotation, and induce the patient's nystagmus, and comprehensively analyze these parameters, you can determine whether the patient has BPPV, the side, tube, and the type of otolithiasis. After the diagnosis of BPPV, according to the different types of lesions, according to the preset plan by rotating the main shaft and the secondary shaft, adjusting the patient's body position, using gravity, removing the fragments out of the semicircular canal, BPPV can be cured.

(II) SRM-IV BPPV diagnosis and treatment system

left and right rotation, lateral rotation, pitch rotation, joint rotation.

(III) SRM-IV BPPV Diagnosis and Treatment System

The system adopts digital control, and all control commands are completed by key switch, keyboard, mouse and foot switch in the console.

special phrase explanation:

1.Initial position:refers to the upright position with the head above and the face facing forward. This position is the position maintained when the system is normally shut down.

2.motion unit:refers to a single movement with a certain direction, speed, acceleration, deceleration, running angle, running time and residence time set for a large disc or bow arm. After setting, the large disc and bow arm can move according to the set motion parameters.

3.:refers to a sports series composed of a group of sports units. Because various sports units are arranged in different time sequences, targeted operation methods for different diseases are formed. At present, various diagnosis and treatment methods are safe and effective through clinical verification.

4.diagnosis and treatment plan:refers to a personalized diagnosis and treatment plan formed by the organic combination of several diagnosis and treatment methods for the symptoms and signs of a specific patient for clear diagnosis or treatment.

Equipment Operation

After the system is installed, a set of diagnosis and treatment methods will be solidified in the system for selection through the drop-down menu when filling in patient information. According to the patient's clinical manifestations, one or more diagnosis and treatment methods can be selected to jointly form a diagnosis and treatment plan for the patient.

For a certain patient, it is up to the operator or doctor to choose several diagnosis and treatment methods and which diagnosis and treatment method.

users of this system can use the special tools provided by this system to compile their own changed diagnosis and treatment methods. After being named and saved, they can be selected and applied like the diagnosis and treatment methods solidified by this system. When preparing the diagnosis and treatment method, the system tools can be used to dynamically simulate the diagnosis and treatment method. If you are not satisfied, you can modify it until you are satisfied.

diagnosis and treatment is completed, the diagnosis and treatment can be started. At this time, the posture fixed chair will rotate according to the first diagnosis and treatment method in the patient's diagnosis and treatment plan. After the first diagnosis and treatment method is completed, the posture fixed chair will automatically return to the initial position. After receiving the instruction to continue operation, the chair will start to run according to the second diagnosis and treatment method, and so on, until all diagnosis and treatment methods in the diagnosis and treatment plan are completed. During the implementation of the diagnosis and treatment method, the residence time after each motor unit can be skipped at any time.

If necessary, each patient's diagnosis and treatment plan can be completed at any time in advance, or one or more diagnosis and treatment methods can be added to the diagnosis and treatment plan after the diagnosis and treatment plan is completed, so as to adjust the diagnosis and treatment plan according to the patient's condition under examination or directly treat the patient according to the patient's diagnosis information already obtained.

During the whole diagnosis and treatment process, the computer screen will display the following information synchronously:

1. Basic information of the patient.

2. The operating parameters of the ongoing diagnosis and treatment method.

3. Video images captured by infrared cameras in the blindfold transmitted wirelessly.

4. The name and ranking of all diagnosis and treatment methods in this patient diagnosis and treatment plan, and which diagnosis and treatment method is being implemented.

5. Three-dimensional computer simulation video images of bilateral inner ear dynamic posture and operating status of the system equipment consistent with the running diagnosis and treatment methods.

6. Nystagmus curve: nystagmus angle curve, nystagmus velocity curve, nystagmus compound curve.

7. Body position curve of body position fixed chair: body position angle curve, body position velocity curve and body position composite curve.

8. The stay time after the exercise unit in each diagnosis and treatment method shall be controlled by the operator according to the diagnosis and treatment situation.

patients and video images can be stored in the computer for playback and viewing at any time. The nystagmus curve can be analyzed and the diagnosis and treatment results can be printed.

1. The display ratio of the nystagmus curve can be adjusted at will.

2. During the rotation process, if the posture fixed chair is blocked by external force, it can automatically stop rotating within 0.5 seconds at any time.

3. An emergency button to open the safety bar is arranged on the rear surface of the bow arm, and an emergency button to force the body position fixing chair to return to the initial position is arranged on the rear of the cabinet.

4. The maximum load of this system is 120kg.