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The main advantages, characteristics and precautions of this diagnosis and treatment system

The main advantages, characteristics and precautions of this diagnosis and treatment system
The main advantages and characteristics of this diagnosis and treatment system are as follows:

1. BPPV can be accurately and digitally diagnosed and treated;

2. Effectively avoid complications such as neck and back injuries caused by manual diagnosis and treatment of BPPV;

3. BPPV patients who are difficult to diagnose and treat with various manipulations can be diagnosed and treated;

4. Remove the difference in diagnosis and treatment effect caused by doctors' technical level, sense of responsibility and working mood during BPPV diagnosis and treatment;

5. Free medical personnel from the heavy BPPV manual operation diagnosis and treatment work;

6. In addition to the function check of the horizontal semicircular canal, the function of the upper semicircular canal and the rear semicircular canal can also be checked;

7. Personnel with special vestibular function requirements can be selected, evaluated and trained.

Precautions for this diagnosis and treatment system:

has successfully diagnosed and treated hundreds of patients suffering from various vertigo by using this system. The age distribution of patients ranges from 18 to 85 years old, and no complications have been found so far.

Despite this, special care should be taken in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with severe heart disease, hypertension, retinal detachment, reflux esophagitis and other diseases and the elderly. If there is discomfort, the diagnosis and treatment can be stopped at any time.