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unique operation interface

unique operation interface:: during the diagnosis and treatment process, the computer screen will display the following information synchronously: 1) basic information of the patient. 2) The operating parameters of the diagnosis and treatment being executed. 3) The video image of the infrared camera in the eye mask transmitted wirelessly. 4) The name, ranking, and ongoing diagnosis and treatment of all patients in the patient's treatment plan. 5) Three-dimensional computer simulation video image

unique operation interface:

1.diagnosis and treatment interface is comprehensive, laying a good foundation for future case analysis and clinical research;

2.diagnosis and treatment interface simultaneously displays the patient's nystagmus video, cochlear status and posture;

3.screen are synchronized with the real movement of the device;

4.diagnosis and treatment, the nystagmus curve, posture movement curve and residence time of each posture are recorded in real time;

5.After the completion of diagnosis and treatment, the slow phase velocity of the patient's nystagmus is automatically displayed when and in what position, and the value is displayed;

6.convenient and easy-to-learn diagnosis and treatment results, can study and analyze various diagnosis and treatment programs, and compare the results of different diagnosis and treatment programs into different parameters;

7.All proposed diagnosis and treatment schemes can be previewed on the display screen to facilitate the operator to fully understand the whole diagnosis and treatment process;

8.You can set and edit a new diagnosis and treatment plan at any time. During and after the setting, you can conduct a simulation preview at any time. If you find that the operation process of the set plan is different from the expected operation process, you can change the settings at any time;

9.can be retrieved and applied from the database at any time regardless of the diagnosis and treatment scheme solidified by the program at the time of leaving the factory or the personalized scheme set by the user;

Print data reports of various diagnosis and treatment programs at any time;

10.This system provides a huge scientific research space for the research of vestibular function. All users can design various diagnosis and treatment schemes according to their own work experience and diagnosis and treatment objects. After naming and saving, they can be called at any time during diagnosis and treatment.