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diagnosis and treatment desk

diagnosis and treatment table includes rotating spindle, rotating auxiliary shaft, posture fixing chair, safety bar, eye mask, etc. The diagnosis and treatment table is the patient's diagnosis and treatment area. During the rotation process, if the body position fixed chair is blocked by external force, it can automatically stop rotating within 0.5 seconds at any time. An emergency button to open the safety bar is arranged behind the bow arm, and an emergency button to force the body position fi

diagnosis and treatment desk includes:rotating spindle, rotating auxiliary shaft, body position fixing chair, safety bar, eye mask, etc. The diagnosis and treatment table is the patient's diagnosis and treatment area.

Diagnosis and treatment table specifications:is 2.4m long, 1.98m wide and 2m high.

the comprehensive application of this system in the field of vertigo diseases:

1. Diagnosis and treatment of BPPV:By adjusting the rotation angle of the main axis and auxiliary axis in the diagnosis and treatment platform, it can be ensured that the semicircular canal that needs to be reset is always in a vertical position relative to the ground, so that the ectopic otolith in the semicircular canal can be removed from the semicircular canal with the highest efficiency, To achieve the purpose of more effective diagnosis and treatment of ectopic otolith.

2. Routine vestibular function examination:double temperature test, swivel chair test, etc.

3. Check the functions of three different semicircular canals;

4. Rotation test to measure semicircular canal function:is used for the examination and diagnosis of patients suspected of suffering from vestibular diseases, and can also be used for the selection and evaluation of special professionals (pilots, astronauts, gymnastics, diving, synchronized swimming and other athletes, ballet dancers).

5. Vestibular function training:is used for training pilots, astronauts and patients with abnormal balance function.

6. Research platform for vestibular function:can fully understand various unknown functions of vestibular and other balance organs by changing motion parameters (rotation angle, speed, acceleration, residence time) and observing various reactions of vestibular function.