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The 2nd China Vertigo Medical Forum in 2015

Created on:2015-10-28 00:00

The 2nd China Vertigo Medical Forum in 2015

In order to further promote the development of vertigo medicine in China, improve the diagnosis and treatment of vertigo diseases, and promote the communication between vertigo colleagues, the 2nd China Vertigo Medicine Forum is specially held.

2015, the Second China Vertigo Medicine Forum Thousand People's Congress was hosted by the Vertigo Medicine Professional Committee of the Chinese Research Hospital Association. It is scheduled201511month1311month15day. The conference sincerely invites experts, scholars and colleagues from otolaryngology, neurology, traditional Chinese medicine encephalopathy, orthopedics, emergency department, geriatrics and related departments from all over the country to come.

Schedule:201511month13Daily,13night8point to hold a meeting of deputy chairmen or above,1415,15returns in the afternoon.

check-in place: Xuzhou Bolton Wyndham Hotel (at the junction of Chang 'an Avenue and Hanyuan Avenue, west of Jinlong Lake Park). At that time, Xuzhou Railway Station and Xuzhou East High-speed Railway Station will arrange shuttle bus.

Report Contact: Hao Zhiqiang Tel:18052268886 13645211911

registration method: all participants are

Registration Contact: Ma Litao

meeting fee:1000yuan/people. Accommodation is arranged by the conference affairs team at its own expense. Front floor400yuan/room, back floor320yuan/.


1. According to the instructions of Chairman Shan Xizheng, all members must attend the meeting.

2. experts (senior titles only) who are interested in joining the Vertigo Medical Committee of the Chinese Research Hospital Association, please fill in the application form and stamp it by the relevant department of hospital affairs, scan and send the sealed application form to the, approved by Chairman Shan Xizheng personally.

3. related files: use your computer browser to open the download)

4. members can add micro signals:18610140349, apply to join the WeChat group of the Vertigo Medicine Professional Committee of the Chinese Research Hospital Association for academic exchanges and conference notifications.